Cat Mailloux, Benedict Scheuer, & Lydia Smith

Columbus Printed Arts Center 

August 27, 2022 - October 9, 2022

Vibrating within the artist studio is a garden. Seeds are sown as dedication creates an abundant ground that reflects diverse sets of principles and knowledge. There is no one way to plant a seed and no one way to honor it as a body. One day it grows and the other it decomposes into the earth. The three artists in Ghost in the Garden position this cycle of growth and death as an endless wheel through which to grow and grieve something together, welcoming grief as a gentle companion. Each coming from practices contemplating living, dying, and the bodies that remain, a collaborative trust and new way of making is explored through the making of monotypes. They pass acrylic plates of ink between each other’s hands and images incur iterations–like ghosts– that yield traces of past marks. Three practices collapse into each other, dispersing seeds into blooms and bones anew.

Images by Annie Eversz and Elisa Smith

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